Best Practises for Ecommerce Website development

Almost every online seller has a common question when it comes to digital marketing. How to make an Ecommerce website rank higher on Google? There are some strong competitions in the market, and thus a new entrant has serious tasks up his list.

So how to do the SEO of an Ecommerce website in a way that it ranks better on Google. We here bring you some incredible tips, and the results would be wonderful. Check out.

Reduce Website load time

Start your project with reducing the loading time of your website. For E-commerce websites, it’s a very important factor owing to the presence of a huge number of pages. Slow page loading can cost you your customers.

Put your designers to action. Make them reduce the sizes of your site elements and use fast servers. Your load time matters more than you would believe.

A thorough keyword research

SEO starts with it. For any and every SEO project, you need to carry out a comprehensive keyword research. There are some handy tools like AdWords Keyword Planner, Google AutoComplete, and Google trends for support. List down the most common keywords and phrases used by people.

The next important thing is to know your competitions. You must also know the keywords that your competition aims at.

On-site Optimization

Earned laurels in your Keyword planning, the next thing to target is On-page SEO. You need to optimise the URLs, tags, headings, sitemaps, content indentation, product and category pages, text content, images, videos, Internal Linking, and Social Media Integration.

Now for your website, do have an SEO friendly CMS. It further betters the website loading time and helps you optimise your site pages, titles, meta tags, headings, meta descriptions, alt tags in accordance with the keywords listed.

Optimise your content

Next, you have to optimise the contents of your website. You have to be extra attentive here, and this is only going to benefit your Search Engine Ranking. Keep the descriptions of your product full and rich with the keywords you target. Make them user-friendly as well.

Also, update and refresh your contents from time to time. A website with constantly updating pages is preferred by Google. Never copy content from others.

Removal of Plagiarised Content

Running an eCommerce website, you need to be more careful here. Many other websites sell similar products, and this thus could be tricky. Google is very strict about the duplicate contents, and you need to be strict there as well.

So now you have to remove all the duplicate content from your site. You can deploy robots.txt that blocks the duplicated contents. Use canonical tags for what pages you want to be indexed and don’t assign any attributes to the links with plagiarism.

Empower your Domain

The next step would be to hire adept content writers for your website. Generate most compelling yet informative content of all kinds and share as much as you can. Make sure all your content is optimised according to your targeted keywords. This would help you a lot in improving your Domain Authority.

Keep up the maintenance

At last, you need to monitor the performance of your website. You can best use Google Analytics for this. Track the performance of your keywords, homepage landing pages, and go for any required improvement.


One has to be patient for the results of this hard work. It will work but will take some time. So give your SEO some time to work in favour of your conversions and thus you must also use other traffic sources. Use these tips, and you would for sure improve a lot on your Ecommerce website Google Ranking.

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