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So you’ve decided to set up your e-commerce store. That’s a great idea. But if you are just a startup exploring the million dollar potential on the internet, challenges are high for you. You haven’t yet mastered the online business, and you would learn only through trials and errors. A few web tools for e-commerce come as a boon for you.

Measuring the footfalls and performance of a physical shop isn’t a big deal. Even a kid can do that. Now, when it comes to doing the same for an online shop, you would be having nightmares. But that’s the case only if you aren’t familiar with this list.

So here are the top free and handy web tools for e-commerce startups.

Google Search Console

google-search-console-web tools for e-commerce
Google Search Consoles tops the chart. No other tool can do as good as Google Search Console. It assures the flawless working of your website. The tool lets the webmasters check the indexing status and optimise the visibility of your websites. The tool gives you some of the top priority features. Google Search Console is essential for your SEO.

Amazon Web Services

amazon-web-services-web tools for e-commerce

This is one of the best web tools for e-commerce websites. AWS has most handy and fairly priced services for e-commerce websites. Most AWS services are free for the maiden year and don’t need any license or contract. Later you get advance services. You also get a dedicated IP as soon as you start using it. Fee applies beyond certain traffic. AWS allows you to choose and pay only for the services you want. If you decide to stop using, no termination fee is charged.


sendgrid-web tools for e-commerce

The tagline reads, “Money is in the list.” SendGrid is about those lists only. For and e-commerce to sell great, you need to build a database of your customers and inform them about the relevant offers and information. SendGrid is a powerful and cost effective email marketing web tool for e-commerce startups. You can sign up for free, maintain 2,000 subscribers, and send up to 12,000 emails per month. Excellent services for those tightly budgeted periods.


zohomail-web tools for e-commerce

Zohomail is an employee communication tool. So it serves a very basic and vital purpose. The tool is free up to the strength of 25 and charges after that. Its minimalistic interface is a smooth, clean, and ad free. Zohomail provides many business and professionally handy features. The integrated suite of Zoho Workplace includes Zohomail as well among eight other apps. If your 25 referrals are successful, your free staff limit increases by 25.

Google Analytics

google-analytics-web tools for e-commerce

Irrespective of the type of website you run, Google Analytics is a must have. For e-commerce, the importance increases many folds. It is devoted to the cause of optimising your website. The tool offers some of the best insights and interactions for optimised conversions. Here you get the in-depth analysis and reports of your visitors. It would also help you best target your customers with a custom approach. The free tool also gives you other beneficial tools like Adwords, Keyword Planner, and Google Trends.


small-seo-tools-web tools for e-commerce

Now, this gives you hundreds of incredible free tools. You get SEO score checker, Goggle Pagerank Checker, Link Tracker, Reverse IP Domain Check, Image Compression, Server Status Check, Website Page Speed Checker, Website Broken Link Checker, Alexa Rank Comparison, Keywords Density Checker, Mozrank Checker, Google Index checker, etc. These tools are going to make you an SEO expert withing no time.


hootsuite-web tools for e-commerce

HootSuite is a complete social media manager. It manages your Facebook Twitter Instagram from a single dashboard. You can pre-schedule your posts to go live at the time you set automatically. Additionally, you can set up alerts and tags and organise analytics. Want more? It’s a free tool.


cloudflare-web tools for e-commerce

This is a great tool to protect and accelerate your website. This tool maps your web traffic through an intelligent global network. Apart from that, the tool gives you more security. It blocks the corrupt bots and crawlers that generally waste bandwidth and server resources. So CloudFlare gives you fast loading and well-functioning pages with high internet security.

Zendesk Chat

zendesk-chat-web tools for e-commerce

Many website owners today are using live chats to a great benefit. Zendesk chat is one such tool that lets you add this feature to your website. Your visitors can talk live and clear all their doubts conveniently. Zendesk Chatis free as long as you need just a single chat box. That’s enough for a startup, though.


gtmetrix-web tools for e-commerce

GTMetrix is a tool dedicated to the speed optimisation of your website. The tool lets you know about all the reasons for the slow loading of your web pages and other performance lags.The tool also recommends you the actions to be taken.

So get these best free web tools for e-commerce and sell better than ever.

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